Katia KITA

I am not going to keep it long, boring, or simply too complicated to understand. You are tired of waiting to figure out your purpose, you are exhausted from not knowing what you want to do in your life, and you do not have any more time to waste on mistakes. Are you a fresh graduate and want to figure out what’s next? Are you forty and not feeling that drive in your life/career anymore? Did your life undergo some changes and you are struggling to adapt to a new role? Is your relationship not working out or did it recently end? Do you feel stuck at your current job and do not know what you were meant to be? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

I like things straight to the point. Therefore, I will keep it short, but mind-blowing; simple, but eye-opening. In return, all I ask for is your commitment to yourself, dedication to finish all tasks this book gives, and promise to follow through. You deserve it!

In this ever changing and evolving world, it is so hard to know who you are and who you want to be; dificult to stay on track with your mind and emotions; impossible sometimes not to get sidetracked and stay focused on your final destination. You have made the right choice toward your success, and I thank you from my heart for trusting in this book and my techniques to help you become a New You!

Many times people turn to medications, drugs, alcohol, and psychotherapy to try to find balance between work and life, to understand their real self, to try to become someone. I am not a doctor, and this book is not the Holy Grail for every case out there.

While in some situations, professional help should be sought, I BELIEVE that VERY often people can pull themselves from a depression through the power of the mind and strong will. I will help you learn the tricks and teach you how to become who you were destined to be!

You might be surprised to hear this, but OFTEN, the key that opens the door to your new dream life is WITHIN you! We just have to teach you how to explore the inner world of your mind and get your super abilities to the surface.

I have done it all and built myself from the bottom up. So I am here to pass this knowledge on to you and inspire your mind for the right goals and set you up to turn your DREAMS into REALITY! You will be amazed to learn my life story through this book and the audio materials, and I am looking forward to having you join the successful people club - because YOU WILL! No matter how tough it may be for you at times, remember: I am always a click away, and you are welcome to reach out with questions and dilemmas you may encounter. Your journey will be carefully watched, cheered upon, and admired at the final stop by me! So do not forget to share it on my SM @atKatiaKita and hashtag it #30dayjourneytoanewyou

At the end of your 30 day journey, you will have a visual map of your own success road to the top! And the most amazing part - YOU WILL DRAW IT YOURSELF! Intrigued yet??!! Shall we start?

30 Day Journey to a New You