Alright before we go any further, how do you think I picked my last name? Any guesses?

Everything I do, write, teach and preach has a magic kick effect to it: KITA = Kick in the Ass!
No Less! I want YOU to shine, to smile and to ultimately be happy. I will not rest until you get there and I launched "30 Day Journey to a New You" to give you the push you need to transform your life!
Now to more serious introduction: I am a fireball and a mega mind who is passionate about inspiring and motivating others to live their DREAM life! Having coached multiple clients, I realized that a powerful tool needed to be developed that wiould help people across the globe to find the inner purpose to become the best version of themselves and to live a prosperous and successful life.
The book you are about to read and the mind quest journey you are about to take is a revelation of a personal experience and the tricks that made me who I am through the amazing life transformation! This book is a powerful and a secret tool that will get you to where you dream and need to be.


Katia KITA

30 Day Journey to a New You