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Ever wonder if you can LIVE a DREAM and be someone GREAT? Can you imagine a New You? Have you ever tried? Psst…! What if I told you that there is a way to reinvent your life and have it all?

“30 Day Journey to a New You” is not your average book and not what you expect. It is the first EVER interactive mind quest tool that is meant to break your stereotypes and deliver the results  a NEW YOU on top of your DREAM. It will uncover the secret of the destination “Success”, unleash the inner power of your self-belief and hack the code to achieve your dreams in this life!

30 Day Journey to a New You



This book really helped put things into perspective and its so easy to read! I never thought I would have the time with work etc getting in the way, but with one chapter a day I got through all the exercises in no time. I feel like I have a real sense of where I need to go and what I need to do. Thank you Katia KITA! Your story and support is inspiring.

Mike C.


As soon as I read the first page of this book, I knew it was different from others I had picked up. As I read further, I was reminded I was accountable for my own health and happiness. I was motivated to continue because of the daily plan - once you start with Day One, it becomes addictive, and you want to continue with each day to see what you can accomplish. But also because of Katia's own struggles and triumphs. She talks to you through the book as if you are a friend and continuously offers her help. She keeps you going - it's a must read. Katia is dynamite!

Wendy H.


This is a fabulous book that will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and motivation to become a better version of you. This unique approach by Katia Kita is a must read for all generations! It's a fun, insightful, and very efficient 30-day journey of successful principles that will enrich your life. Highly recommended!

Mazie M.


This is a very heartwarming and inspiring book which everyone must read. It’s also very personable and touches on many of the issues which I have been thinking about. I really like the "take charge" approach and "no excuses" point of view. If you are tired of the way things are in your life, then get up and do something about it! You will definitely feel empowered to start a new life!

Sofia B.


Reading this book, I found it reveals ways to set ourselves up positively. It's an innovative 30 Day Journey to reinvent oneself. The book divulges an interactive MindQuest tool for building master plan for success. I enjoyed it and recommend reading it!

Debbie D.


This is a MUST read for those seeking to create a master plan for success. Katia also offers supporting podcasts and guided tasks to walk you through your journey to the life you were meant to live!

Hal P.


Katia Kita has masterfully created a simple and brilliant new interactive "mind quest" tool designed to help readers break old stereotypes and set them on a new path towards fulfilling their dreams!

John G.

30 Day Journey to a New You